Cassiar Gold embraces the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct in all activities. The Company’s reputation for honesty and integrity among its stakeholders is key to the success of its business and we are fully committed to adhering to all applicable laws and principles of sound corporate governance. All employees are onboarded through a comprehensive process which includes a review of all policies and safety programs to ensure compliance with the policies that the Company has in place.


ESG Oversight

Oversight and review of ESG matters are integrated through all levels of the Company, including Cassiar’s board, executive and operational levels. The Company has established a Sustainability Committee which is tasked with fulfilling the ESG mandate and the committee meets on a regular basis. Frequency of these meetings may increase depending upon the state of the Company’s affairs and in response to changing risks and opportunities.


Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

Cassiar Gold has established a formal Code of Ethics and Business Conduct to promote high standards of integrity by conducting its affairs honestly and ethically. The purpose of the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct is to promote a culture of transparency, honesty, integrity and accountability and outlines the basic principles and policies with which the Company and its directors, officers, employees, consultants and contractors are expected to comply. See full policy here.


Whistleblower Policy

Audit & Risk Committee (the "Committee") of the Board of Directors of the Company is responsible for ensuring that a confidential and anonymous process exists whereby persons can report any accounting concerns relating to the Company. Cassiar’s Whistleblower Policy governs the process through which the Company’s directors, officers, employees and consultants, or any member of the public, can anonymously and confidentially report any potential violation or concern contrary to the Company’s policies or local laws or regulations. This Policy establishes a mechanism to support and promote the Company’s values by encouraging its directors, officers, employees and consultants to talk to their managers or other appropriate personnel about any concerns they may have in respect of illegal or unethical behaviour or the appropriate response to any such behaviour. See full policy here.


Equal Opportunity Policy

Cassiar’s Equal Opportunity Policy expresses the Company’s commitment to promote equality and conduct its business according to principles of social justice, respect and freedom of expression when dealing with diversity in the workplace. See full policy here.