At Cassiar Gold, we acknowledge the trust others place in us to protect and use resources wisely and are committed to operating at the highest level of environmental, social and governance standards. Through transparent and respectful stakeholder engagement, we aim to be responsible stewards of the environment and to serve as a catalyst for sustainable local economic development and value creation for all.

Cassiar Gold 2021 Sustainability Report

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Wellness & Safety

We will take care of our safety, health, and wellness by recognizing, assessing and managing risk in order to mitigate potential injuries and illnesses within our business. We will achieve the creation of a safe workplace by putting systems, practices and policies in place to ensure we are properly trained and equipped to do our work safely.

Collaboration & Community

We aim to establish productive and ethical working relationships along with transparent, respectful and responsive dialogue within our team along with the surrounding communities and public agencies for the benefit of all stakeholders. Through active and sustained involvement with our neighbors and partners – generously sharing our resources and human talent – we grow alongside our communities.

Sustainability & Environment

We aim to serve as a catalyst for local sustainable economic development through transparent and respectful stakeholder engagement and to be responsible stewards of the environment. We acknowledge the trust others place in us to protect and use resources wisely and we rely on scientific principles, valid data, the best knowledge and sound systems, processes and practices to inform our decisions and meet our environmental obligations.

Curiosity & Accountability

We are committed to a culture of best business practices and encourage our employees to be curious and deliver on their commitments. We trust our employees to make good choices and challenge ourselves to greater individual responsibility. We empower our employees to execute their responsibilities with purpose and determination and to take our achievements and shortcomings with humility.

Excellence & Respect

We are committed to excellence in everything we do, providing learning and development opportunities, pursuing best business practices, and creating a diverse and inclusive culture for all employees with transparent processes founded on dignity and respect that encourage a sense of pride and ownership.